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Josslyn Hagen is a local artist from Brunner, Ontario. She is currently in her third year at Sheridan College studying to become an illustrator, and loves to create fun and quirky characters. Her goal in life is to bring joy to others and brighten their hearts through her artworks.
She has recently recognized that she is a Highly Sensitive Person, which drives her to create pieces that bring enjoyment to others and herself. Joy is a prominent result she wishes to achieve from her artwork everyday.
Josslyn’s love of the natural world, mixed with fantasy stories, science fiction, and adventure drives her artistic creativity. Her favourite media to use is ink, watercolour, acrylic, graphite, coloured pencils, and sculpting clay. She also creates a lot of work on her iPad using digital drawing programs.
Josslyn is very grateful for Stratford’s community impact on her life, especially for the artistic opportunity she’s had in the Props Department at the Festival Theatre, and her work experience at Gallery Stratford. Most of all, she is thankful to have them as her supportive art family.

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