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Monique Lund and Mark Weatherley

Mark and I are both Stratford based theatre artists who have been together for almost 25 years! We have worked together onstage on many occasions and we’ve always enjoyed having that connection in our marriage. Having that common interest means we never run out of things to say over a bottle of wine! This photo sort of sums up our relationship... Mark making me laugh!! The last few years have been a true creative boon for us since hooking up with Here For Now Theatre. I’ve branched out into costume design and directing and Mark has written several shows including a brand new one called Infinite Possibilities as a part of the Here For Now Open Air Festival. He’s starring in it and I’m directing! And we’re still together! It’s been great stretching our wings in a community such as Stratford which has so many creative, supportive people. I’ve been so lucky to have worked as a Stratford company member for 11 seasons! The experiences on and off stage have been incredible. Mark and I both love the theatre as a form of artistic expression because the live experience of theatre is so dynamic... you are face to face with your audience and there’s nowhere to hide. And together the performer and the audience have a shared emotional experience, and hopefully a few laughs! We truly feel lucky. And Stratford is the backdrop for it all.What could be better?

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