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Terry's project, introducing local creative folk to one another and to the larger community, is such a generous and thoughtful contribution to our town. Thanks my friend for including me, vintage though I have become! Toronto born in 1936, Art and Music became my passions, drawing painting and singing their expressions, along the journey to this very day. My profession was Medicine, and as a teacher/clinician at the developing medical school in Nairobi Kenya, my wife, Connie and I lived in Africa for 14 years. Halfway through life I retired from Medicine and embraced Art and Music fully, planning to get two lives for the price of one! Elected to the Ontario Society of Artists (est.1872) I was president from 1994-96. When stopping smoking in 1984, further vocal training at the Royal Conservatory led to graduation as a singer performer/vocal teacher. ( I never had a pupil!). For 20 years I have been attending, a month annually, the summer courses offered by the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, studying Renaissance drawing and painting techniques. Terry and I are having fun creating an online gallery and selecting work from each period which can be seen here.

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