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Lea Keeley is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and multimedia artist raised in Stratford, Ontario. Keeley is currently pursuing her passion for music in Montreal, Quebec. Born into a family of musicians, her passion for art and music runs deep. Greatly influenced by artists like Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell & Lauryn Hill, her sound uniquely blends new R&B, indie, and old soul.

In 2012 she released her first EP titled “Just Go”, recorded and co-produced with her brother Aidan Keeley in her family home in Stratford, Ontario. Vulnerable and stripped down, “Just Let Go” was written after overcoming a tough battle with Crohns Disease. A few years later, Keeley produced and released her first LP, “Golden” (2019), followed by her single “Who You Are” in 2020 which she recorded & produced in her bedroom during the Pandemic. Keeley has performed live across the country, having made appearances at the Sulphur Mountain Lookout in Banff, Alberta (2021), the Montreal Jazz Festival (2019), and the PanAm games in Toronto in 2015. Constantly growing and expanding in her craft, Keeley continues to collaborate with notable artists such as L.Teez, Junia-T, Frame, ELMNT, Nathan McKay, Nat Saturn, and String Bone among others.

Beyond her music, Keeley has proved herself to be a driving force within the music scene, building safe spaces and communities for emerging artists and women in music. She has and continues to bring artists and audiences together over the pandemic by founding and curating open mics and musical events across the city–bringing life and music to others when it has been so desperately needed.

Through her music and essence, she continues to inspire and connect with her audiences through her music. She is currently writing music for her new EP “Cosmic Mirror” to be released in Fall 2022. Keeley is a natural storyteller taking you on an emotional journey through her empowering lyrics and soaring melodies–diving into the beautiful dualities of life and the incredible power of the heart.

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