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Charlotte Gowdy is a rigorously playful, multi-disciplinary theatre artist.

She’s worked nationally & internationally as an actor, director, dramaturg, producer, musician, educator and most recently as a playwright. With extensive training in red-nose clown (at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France); dance & movement (at the National Ballet School of Canada); classical theatre acting (National Theatre School of Canada) and directing (with Stratford Festival’s Langham Program) Charlotte’s theatrical projects stand out for being highly physical, heart-centred and often extremely ridiculous.

“One of my teachers used to say, ‘theatre is as serious as a child’s game.’ I agree. As we play in the land of the imagination and practice the subtle art of storytelling, we develop our capacity for human compassion, connection, respect, love and transcendence. For me, theatre and storytelling are as essential as the air we breathe.”

Most recently, Charlotte has been working on the first draft of her solo show “Meat Market,” as well as writing poetry, practicing her ukulele, teaching clown classes online and falling deeply in love with life!

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