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Heather McGuigan is a people person. It has led her to become a 20 year veteran on the Canadian Theatre Scene (Stratford, Shaw, Mirvish, National Tours, Drayton to name a few) and an advocate for helping those less fortunate across Canada. Like thousands of other actors whose seasons were put on hold (Wendy&Peter/Spamalot) she launched Heather’s Garden Variety-backyard and garden concerts across South Western Ontario. This has expanded to 10 different varieties (solo, duo, trio and full musical) allowing her to share the joy of music with several other performers. HopeTotes is a Canadian Charity that donates health and hygiene products to women’s shelters across Canada. With the help of many friends and volunteers over the last 14 years, including Stratford's Donna Debling who handsews each fabric Tote, Heather works to provide comfort, care and give confidence to women in need. Sometimes it’s the little things in each day that can make a difference. If you would like to book a Garden Concert or would like to volunteer for HopeTotes visit or everything can be found on Facebook and Instagram too. It is these shared experience that make us human and remind us that no one is alone.

@adventurous.heather @heathersgardenvariety @hopetotes

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