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Claire Scott
Hello, I’m Claire, a multi-disciplinary artist, eco-fashion designer, creative producer & curator :). I was born & raised in Stratford, Ontario & grew up with art from day 1. My talented mother, Caryn Dunfield Scott, a multi-disciplinary artist as well, taught me all of the fundamentals of art & always encouraged me to draw/paint/experiment as soon as I could hold a crayon. I always knew art would be in my future.
I attended the Fine Arts program at York University right out of highschool. Here, at 18 years old, I started my first entrepreneurial business, Eyze Designs, a clothing line consisting of original art on garments. It gained a lot of traction in Toronto. University really developed me as an artist, as I learned so much more about my capabilities & the resources around me. It opened me up to collaboration with all different types of artists, which really expanded my visions. I began painting large, more expressive pieces & moved from a high-realistic art style to an abstract-representational. I began doing murals in the school, which 3 are still there! After graduating I moved to Vancouver, travelled all over Asia & somehow made it back to Stratford. I didn't plan to stay, but I was given the opportunity to create an Art Pop Up space, which developed into something much bigger. @yorklaneartcollective was a collectively created space that hosted gallery shows, concerts, theatre shows & more. After retiring that space in 2019, the vibe is still alive & thriving as a media platform, hosting Art Pop Ups, & continuing to connect, collaborate & create with all types of artists.
After 6 years of running my fast-fashion brand, Eyze, I completely converted it into an eco-fashion brand, @claireupcycled . I create everything out of recycled clothing, still incorporating original designs, which I screenprint myself. I have big plans for continuing this eco-venture. My passion is immense with upcycling, painting & mural creations. There’s a fun trail of my work around Stratford now. Find more of my artwork at

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