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Fiona Mongillo, Olivia Viggiani and Siobhan O’Malley reunite to take on Mark Weatherley’s Whack!, a fast paced three-hander full of tension, high stakes, and timely subject matter. The story, based on true events, centres around Angelina Napolitano, brilliantly brought to life by Fiona Mongillo.

“Angelina was a woman who was failed by all the systems that should have been in place to help her, but didn’t because she was a woman and an immigrant. By refusing to become yet another woman killed by her husband she changed the face of the Canadian Judicial system by bravely using the battered woman’s defence for the first time in Canadian history. I love Angelina and feel incredibly protective of her - to me, there aren’t two sides to this story. Given the startling 2019 statistic that in Canada, every 2.5 days, a woman or girl is killed - the vast majority at the hands of their partners - this is still a very important story to be telling” -Fiona Mongillo (Artistic Director of Here For Now)

The versatility of actors Olivia Viggiani and Siobhan O’Malley shine as they each play several characters including Angelina’s children, her husband, lawyer, a priest and others.

Monique Lund, Associate Director of Whack! and Stratford Festival alumnae, has adapted Lucy Jane Atkinson’s production to suit the great outdoors.

HFN’s Open-Air Festival was born out of the success of the initial run of Whack! in the fall of 2019 and the passionate dedication of these artists to continue to tell this story. We hope you enjoy it!

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